Hello (first name) this is (your name). from Career Factory, this is in response to your enquiry for the Core HR program

I believe you have seen the video and gone through the contents of the webpage? -

No>> Ok, then please go thru it after this call, I will share the links with you again


Ok, (pause) Are you currently working in the HR profile?
Yes >>> (see www.careerfactory.in/24)

No>> Proceed

Ok so you want to migrate into the HR profile? - Yes

Does your CV highlight Core HR Responsibilities? - No

Then, do you have any idea, how will you get selected in the HR profile? - No

We will make Edits in your profile to Match the Job Description of a Core HR profile... - ok

Then Your Profile will be shared with the Prospective Companies and You will get shortlisted... ok

Then, You will be called for an Interview... -  ok

In the interview, they will ask You Technical Questions related to the Core HR profile... - ok

Which you can only answer, if you have Actually done the Practical Work, (pause) which we will make you do in the Training Program

Therefore, this Practical Training will help You to get 100% exposure on the Work that is Actually done in the HR Department of any MNC

So, it will not be wrong to say that without Practical Training, it is difficult to get hired in a core HR profile; what do you think? - Yes

So, would you like to begin YOUR Training from Tomorrow? - Yes

Alright then, what time do I schedule your first session tomorrow ?