Career Factory is a progressive, integrated HR Services firms serving Clients since 2001.

Organizations today want to hire and nurture smart employees to ensure continued success; we help Organizations & Individuals do that effortlessly.

Our services include Executive Search, Managed HR Services, Skill Development, Corporate Training and Career Management. 

We also offer Corporate Consulting to help companies better manage their HR issues. And because we like to see individuals succeed, we offer personalized Career Management counsel to success-oriented people.

Staffed with a Team of industry experts, each with 15 to 20 years of strong corporate experience, we help our Clients build, manage and maintain world-class HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Management, Operations, Finance, Technology and Production Teams.

We also help Individuals build a Great Career through our Professional & Experiential Training Programs designed to meet the current job requirement in Human Resources, Accounts & Taxation, MIS & Analytics and Digital Marketing. These Programs are designed & delivered by Functional Experts who have over 20 years of experience in their domain.

Our specialized recruitment team has a fantastic positions fulfillment record from entry to mid to top management level. We also have unique insight into who's succeeding at the senior-level and we’ve often succeeded on the VP, Managing Director and C-level assignments as well. 

Our core strength is in our understanding of "People."  We specialize in people and our team has the expertise to Test, Assess and Qualify Potential Hires. With time we have acquired skills to read through a Resume' and can tell you who's good, who's not, and why? We have a keen eye for the intangible soft-skills that are not always visible on a Resume’.